pet  food  made  from  real  animal  protein.  without  the  animal.



Like any bonafide pet food company should, we love animals.

What we don’t love is how the foundation of any good pet food — animal proteins — are sourced and made. 

Call us crazy, but we don’t think one animal needs to be harmed to feed another. We also don’t think antibiotics and pharmaceuticals need to be routinely given to most farm animals raised for meat. Or that the ever-present risk of foodborne illness from conventional meat processing is one our pets, or their parents, should have to take. 

We know the reality of pet food manufacturing today. We know it’s dirty. We know it’s held back by old systems of agriculture. And we know it strains our land, water and energy resources. But most of all we know we can do better.


how?  in a clean, modern,
and super kind way.

In a process similar to craft brewing, we make meat proteins from animal cells (no slaughter required) and natural microbes. They're fed a nutrient-rich broth of vitamins, sugars and minerals in our fermentation tanks, without the pharmaceuticals.

THEN, the impossible happens: real, clean, animal protein is made. And not a single animal is slaughtered in the process (that’s the super kind part). 


This protein is mixed and cooked with other natural ingredients that have been approved by experts in the veterinary nutrition community. You know, to make it yummy and complete. 

And that’s how Bond Pet Foods - an honest pet food that dogs and cats will love and thrive on - is made.


bond in a nutshell


Animal protein
without slaughter


Conserving land, water,
and energy through more
efficient protein production


A safer product for pets
and pet parents


Recipes crafted by renowned
veterinary nutritionists


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