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All Animals®

We love all animals. That’s why we’re re-imagining pet nutrition by developing foods made from innovative, animal-free ingredients for your beloved pets.

This includes the best sources of plant and cultured ingredients available, including a nutritional yeast specifically grown and produced for pet health, found in our Protein-Packed Dog Treat Bar.

That said, while we’re pro-animal, we’re not anti-meat. Meat can be a beautiful thing for dogs and cats, especially in their primary diets. And many pet parents demand it. So we thought, as we look ahead, what if there was a way to feed pets without harming other animals? What if we could leverage food technologies that have been used for decades in cheese and beer-making to instead make real, high-quality meat protein that is brewed instead of farmed? What if we could create a more sustainable, responsible, nutritious way forward where people, pets, farm animals, and the planet all win?

That’s what we’re working towards. It might seem crazy, but it’s what you do when you’re an Ally For All Animals®.


Our future: Making meat protein without the animal.

Here’s how it works.

The first cultured meat protein that we’re producing is chicken, since it’s the most consumed meat in the world for people and pets.

To start, we gently pricked a heritage hen in Lindsborg, Kansas — her name is Inga — who is now retired to live out her days on the pasture. From this sample, we’re able to extract the genetic code for the best types of chicken proteins to nourish dogs and cats.

Next, we couple the code with a strain of food-grade yeast (this technique is how cheese enzymes have been made for decades), and feed our specialized yeast the best vegan ingredients (sugar, vitamins, and minerals) in a fermentation tank — just like those big vessels at your local brew pub. After a bit of time, the yeast begins to churn out meat proteins that are identical to those conventionally produced on farm and field.

Bond’s cultured chicken protein, which includes all of the essential amino acids that dogs and cats require for optimal health, is then gently dried and ready to blend into a variety of pet food products.

Not to brag or anything, but this is the kind of breakthrough that will upend the pet industry.

Good for your pets.
Good for the planet.
Good for all animals.
It’s the future of pet food.

Meet the team behind Bond.

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