Purina Pet Care Innovation Prize 2019

VoiceAmerica, Pet Lover Geek Podcast with Lorien Clemens • 06/21/2019

Tune in to learn about Bond and some of today’s hottest pet care companies, as selected by Nestle Purina for their annual innovation prize.


Alternative Protein (Non-Meat Meat) For Pet Food

NPR, Dog Talk ® with Tracie Hotchner • 06/08/2019

“That tension and conflict is what we’re trying to resolve at Bond — producing meat proteins in a different way that can mitigate the negative impacts but still give dogs and cats the protein they need.”


The Beef Over What to Call Lab Meat Is Starting to Sizzle

courthouse news service • 04/26/2019

“Some people may look at this as we’re just purely using biochemistry…but the reality is we’re using natural inputs and processes to produce our final ingredients.”


Watch: Pet Innovation Panel

AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB tv • 04/09/2019

Learn about the latest in pet innovation from Bond and industry leaders.


Boulder startup working on creating pet food that doesn't start with harming animals

boulder daily camera • 04/08/2019

“A hen from a farm in Lindsborg, Kan., is helping Boulder-based Bond Pet Foods move closer to developing a lab-made protein for pets.

Bond Pet Foods' science team recently took a "harmless" biopsy from a heritage hen to use the bird's DNA sequence as the blueprint for protein development, said Rich Kelleman, co-founder and CEO of the company.”


The times they are a changin’ when it comes to protein production, says Bond Pet Foods

FOOD NAVIGATOR • 04/04/2019

“Bond Pet Foods — one of 15 startups pitching at Rabobank’s Foodbytes! event in San Francisco last month — deploys microbes as tiny factories to produce proteins for pets in fermentation tanks. FoodNavigator-USA caught up with founder Rich Kelleman before he went on stage.”


Boulder’s Bond Pets recognized by Purina

BIZ WEST • 03/22/2019

“Bond Pets, a Boulder-based pet food startup that makes food out of animal proteins rather than meat, was included in Purina’s Pet Care Innovation Prize Class of 2019.”


This Colorado Lab-Grown Meat Starts With A Living Chicken (Her Name Is Inga)

colorado public radio • 03/07/2019

“Lab-grown meat, even as companies tout its environmental friendliness and animal welfare, must overcome the innate, well, "ick" factor. That's one reason why Boulder-based Bond Pet Foods is starting with lab-grown meat for cats and dogs. The company is a few years off from introducing its line of pet food. But Bond Pet Foods' founder, Rich Kelleman, said they would already make an impact: one study found that a quarter of all the environmental repercussions from meat production come from the pet food industry.”


FoodBytes! By Rabobank Selects 15 AgriFood Tech Startups to Pitch in San Francisco

agfunder news • 01/31/2019

“Foodbytes! by Rabobank, a global pitch competition and networking platform for innovative food, food tech, and agtech entrepreneurs, has unveiled the 15 startups selected for FoodBytes! San Francisco 2019.”


Climate smart food for your pet

svergies radio (swedish public radio) • 01/22/2019

“A way to get around these difficult questions about nutrition (in talking about vegan foods) is to create animal food based on real muscle proteins, but without using the animal. The most promising and the most meat-like of all new alternatives for pet food is to simply culture muscle proteins. And the fact is that it is fairly simple to do with technology today. American start-up company Bond Pet Foods lies in the starting blocks to do just that.”


Rich Kelleman – Pet Food: The Paradox of Meat

vegconomist • 01/02/2019

“The issue of sustainability in pet food is enormous and one that is not yet addressed anywhere close to as much as is imperative. The number of pet dogs across the planet has been estimated at 900 million, so let that sink in for a second, then understand that the pet food industry creates unfathomable sustainability issues and needs to be disrupted just as much as human food.”


How your dog could go vegan and still stay healthy

popular science • 11/26/2018

“Faced with growing concerns about the environmental and ethical implications of feeding our furry companions, the future of premium pet food is going high tech to satisfy growing consumer consciousness and sense of personal responsibility. In addition to concerns about animal cruelty and the now well-known horrors of factory farming, consumers are also increasingly aware of the global implications of eating meat.”


Slaughter-Free Meat Proteins: The Future of Pet Food?

american veterinarian • 11/23/2018

"Pet owners today care a great deal about the foods their pets eat. In fact, a recent survey found that 70% of people who follow a diet for themselves also feed their pet the same diet. For example, almost half of pet parents who eat organic foods feed their pets organic diets (47% vs. 12%). But this shift toward feeding pets "healthier" foods has not always led to the positive results pet parents are hoping for."


Bond Pet Foods: “Making Pet Food From Real Animal Protein, Without the Animal”

vegconomist • 11/19/2018

“With the contribution of biotechnology experts and board-certified veterinary nutritionists Bond will produce clean, antibiotic-free animal protein through fermentation, and mix with natural ingredients to create superior and sustainable food for pets.”


Pet food start-up pioneers novel approach to meat production via acellular agriculture

food navigator • 08/07/2018

"If you’ve just managed to get your head around the concept of ‘clean meat’ - meat produced by culturing animal cells outside of an animal - Bond Pet Foods is about to push the food industry’s boundaries again with a new approach to meat protein production that more closely mirrors what Perfect Day and Clara Foods are doing with dairy and egg proteins."


Do we have to feed animals to other animals?

huffington post • 12/14/2017

"The ability to produce real meat without harming animals has already been achieved. Cultured meat is made from a one time draw of stem cells. The stem cells are then replicated in a laboratory and grown in an animal-free medium to produce real meat from animals without killing... Technology will revolutionize—and spare—the lives of billions of animals each and every year."


This Start-Up Wants Your Dog to Eat Lab-Grown Meat

vice uk • 12/04/2017

"Responding to the problem of vague ingredient lists and unethically sourced meat in pet foods, Colorado-based company Bond Pet Foods hopes to introduce lab-grown meats to the cat and dog food market. Founded by former advertising executive Rich Kelleman, the company aims to provide ethical food for pets, without leaving them malnourished."


Startup to make lab-grown meat for cats

vegnews • 12/05/2017

"New food technology company Bond Pet Foods recently launched with the mission to replace meat in the diets of obligate carnivores—such as companion cats—with cultured meat (also known as “clean meat”) grown from animal cells in a lab setting... Bond Pet's consultant and “pet food” industry expert Ryan Yamka said that the company’s focus on animal food is a large opportunity given current trends." 


Startup plans to make 'clean meat' to feed companion animals

plant based news • 12/05/2017

"Kelleman sees his product as a solution to numerous issues, saying that under lab conditions, food can be specifically tailored to meet the requirements of specific breeds. He added: "I think the other benefit to approaching it and making food in this way…is that we can also potentially mitigate a lot of the safety issues that plague the industry right now."


Dan Murphy: Faux Food for Fido

drovers • 12/05/2017

"“Pet food can be filled with all sorts of stuff... such as undeveloped eggs, chicken necks, animal bones and hair, even manure.” Now, anyone who’s ever owned a dog, or watched what they’ll wolf down when they’re hungry, knows that “animal bones and chicken necks” are like chocolate and caviar to a canine. For pet owners who flinch at that thought, the question is, what do you think dogs and their kin eat in the wild?"


A startup in Colorado is making cell-cultured meat for pets

los angeles times • 12/04/2017

"Bond Pets is still in the planning stages of creating clean meat for furry friends, but pet food industry consultant Ryan Yamka told Quartz that the product might arrive soon. 'It wouldn't be unheard of to see it in the market in a couple years,' Yamka explained. 'If you walked down the aisles this year at the trade shows, you already see people talking about humanely raised and sustainable [pet food].'"


“Cruelty Free” dog food grown in labs could be on shelves within 2 years

live kindly • 12/01/2017

"Dogs and cats everywhere, rejoice. Bond Pets, a Colorado-based startup, has its eyes set on bringing lab-grown, clean protein to pets nationwide. Described as “Pet food made from real animal protein, without the animal,” Bond Pets is an entirely new breed of food hoping to make mealtime extra special for cats and dogs."


Now even your pets may be able to eat lab-grown meat

green matters • 12/01/2017

"As we race toward a future full of high-tech, lab-grown meats in place of the environmentally unsound animal protein industry, a new startup wants to extend this offering to our furry friends, too. Bond Pet Foods was founded by former advertising executive Rich Kelleman after he struggled to find a healthy pet food brand with a transparent ingredients list."


Start-up Wants to Make Lab-Grown Meat for Pets

grub street • 12/01/2017

"Here’s a way to never worry if your company’s in vitro meat tastes too fake: Feed it to pets! A new start-up in Colorado is trying to hook America’s domesticated animals up with their own high-tech, lab-grown proteins."


A pet-food company wants to make cell-cultured meats for dogs and cats

quartz • 11/30/2017

"If Bond Pets can offer a new type of meaty food that never involves slaughter and is advertised as having a smaller environmental footprint, a market likely exists. And since production of cell-cultured meat happens in tightly controlled bioreactors, Kelleman it can be tailored for specific species and breeds of animals."